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GPC MEDICAL MALAYSIA Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2013 with the head office at No. 23, JALAN 22/6, GRAVITAS, SECTION 22, 40300 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, MALAYSIA. Ours is a fully indigenous/bumiputera company, duly registered with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.


PC Medical Malaysia aims at becoming one of the nationally & internationally known companies in the field of manufacturing, exporting and supplying medical equipment & devices, especially orthopaedic instruments & implants, exactly like GPC Medical Limited (India), who furnish us with all the required technical know-how. Their expertise is the backbone of our manufacturing facility in Malaysia. GPC Medical Limited (India), having almost all the internationally recognised quality certificates, is perhaps the only Indian company to have the distinction of possessing the most prestigious quality certificate, i.e. US FDA 510 (k). GPC Medical Malaysia looks forward to procuring the required certificates in near future.


With our team of dedicated technicians, engineers and others, specializing in their respective fields, we are determined to achieve our cherished goal of becoming the leading Malaysian company, meeting the local, national and international requirements of all concerned. In fact, we are no strangers to the challenging market of orthopaedic products. We have been fully familiar with the market conditions and trends since 2007 when we started procuring, stocking and supplying the GPC brand products of our principal company which had already become an internationally reputed name for many years. Our distributing company, SAS Worldwide Sdn Bhd, has been aggressively and successfully participating the the government hospital tenders and has been very successful in capturing an impressive market share also.


To develop GPC Medical Malaysia as the most preferred local & global partners in the field of orthopaedic, medical and laboratory supplies, with the highest possible quality of products at the lowest possible prices, combined with high standards of service, efficiency and ethics.


1. To transform the local brand into a global brand. 2. To maintain the highest quality standards in products and services. 3. To provide reliable and consistent service by handling all types of enquiries & queries. 4. To go on innovating constantly by closely collaborating not only with the Principals but other business partners and orthopaedic surgeons also. 5. To offer quality products at the most affordable prices.


To serve each and every client in the best possible way, achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

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